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Cozy Fall
This year the heat has hit some new levels in San Diego. Not as humid as Puerto Rico, but just as hot. I’m already daydreaming about fall. I just want the weather to get nicer, so I can wear my favorite sweaters and boots. While the weather might not cooperate with my mindset, I’ve started pinning fall & winter looks to get my closet ready for my favorite seasons. Here is my favorite look to get cozy for fall.
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1-Grey Sweater: $23, SheIn
2-Circle Necklace: $26, Asos
3-Black Skinny Jeans: $185, Rag & Bone
4-Black Mini Backpack: $20, Wet Seal
5-White Chuck Taylor Sneakers: $50, Zappos

3 Basic Tips and Advice for Female Entrepreneurs

female entrepreneur working
Whether you started a business because you wanted more work-life balance, your passion project became your business or you wanted a flexible schedule, one overarching theme is evident – female small business owners are spreading their passions in communities everywhere. Today, I’m sharing a few tips and tricks that will help you improve your business bottom line and lay the groundwork for long-term success.

Ensure customers can find your business. With more than one billion websites now available, having a website has not only become essential, but effectively promoting its existence and value has become critical to your ability to gain new customers. If you don’t have a website (particularly one optimized for the mobile experience), you need to either build one yourself or have one built for you by working with one of the many website hosting or development companies available today. Then learn and apply search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, online advertising and other online marketing services that will lead new customers to discover your business online.

Connect and engage with customers on their terms. The personal touch and excellent customer service that encourage people to patronize small businesses can extend to social media platforms, where small business owners can connect and engage directly with both potential new and existing customers. Set-up a LinkedIn page for your business to serve as a networking channel; build a customer fan base on Facebook through promoting specific products, promotions and services and engaging directly with the customer. Let the social media channels drive customers to your business.

Take advantage of new resources. If you’re overwhelmed with the everyday demands that starting and running a business requires or don’t feel you have the know-how to build, optimize and promote your business online, find an expert to guide you through the process or even manage all these details on your behalf. Whether you seek assistance from a business organization or online services provider who can do it all – from design, building and hosting your website to promoting it via SEO, email marketing and social media management, consider the arrangement as a partnership that’s critical to your ability to meet or exceed your business goals.

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7 Time-Saving Beauty Tips for a Busy Day

It’s inevitable: the morning you oversleep is the day you have someplace important to be. Fortunately, there are plenty of short-cuts to your morning beauty routine that will have you out the door looking great and feeling confident in no time.

Learn some get-ready-quick tips from Andrea Brooks, one of the top subscribed beauty gurus on YouTube. Best known for her DIY, beauty, fashion and how-to videos, which have earned her nearly 200 million views to date, she also has appeared on MTV and been featured in celebrity blogs.

  • Throw your hair in a bun before showering and skip the wash. If your hair looks dirty and you don’t have time for a full wash and blow-dry, you can give your top roots and crown a quick wash in the sink. Freshening up this most visible part of your hair helps create the illusion of clean hair.
  • Make the shower work for you with a quick scrub to your face and body. Shorten shave time with a razor that has moisturizer and shaving cream built in.
  • When you don’t have time for your regular body butter routine, use a moisturizer that locks in hydration before you even step out of the shower. Jergen’s Wet Skin Moisturizer is applied at your skin’s peak moisture moment – right after you shower. After applying all over, towel off and you’ll have luminous skin all day long. “My skin is super soft all day long,” Brooks said. “I’m kind of addicted; I use it every single day instead of just when I’m in a hurry.”
  • Let moisturizer soak in while you choose an outfit for the day. Save time on color coordinating by selecting a one-piece such as a dress or romper, and set it aside while you apply makeup to avoid smudges and stains.
  • You don’t need much makeup for a finished look. Apply makeup in a location with plenty of natural light, and use a powder foundation for a smooth base. Add some color definition to your brows with a matching shadow. Save time and avoid mistakes by placing a piece of paper or index card behind your lashes as you apply mascara. Finish with some lip balm and a setting spray.
  • If you have long hair, a messy bun or side braid are pretty options. Or twist and pin back your bangs and short layers for a softer look.
  • Add clothes, some fun accessories and a spritz of perfume or body spray, and you’re ready to go.

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Do What You Love: Chelsea of CitySeat

CitySeat | Chelsea Petrozzo |

Tell me how and when everything started.
About three years ago, my family and I were on a vacation and while sitting at a coffee shop, noticed all of these chic men and women riding bikes to work with plastic bags covering their seats. I was so interested to notice that these people put so much thought into what they were wearing, but no thought into how to protect their bums from their seats.
With a background in PR and Marketing, I wondered how we could create something that was aesthetically pleasing while still serving a purpose. As an avid spinner, I too wanted something to express my personal style but also give the added comfort to my spin seat. I got together with my two friends Hal Ebbott and Colin Touhey who are product designers, and a prototype was made. We launched in October of 2014 with a non-padded, waterproof, patterned bike seat cover and then launched our padded bike seat in July 2015.

When did you first know that you wanted to be a business owner?
I have been (and continue to be) a preschool teacher for the past 4 years. Prior to that I was a project manager at an interior design firm and did some freelance PR work for several green energy companies. I definitely am determined and assertive, and I saw a need for something that wasn’t yet out on the market. I was spending well more than I should have on cute athletic pants, why wasn’t I doing the same for my spin seat? I always wanted to eventually work for myself, I think that was the goal, and once I saw this could be a business, I went full steam ahead.

Where do you get your inspiration for your bike seat covers?
My inspiration comes from the world around me. There are so many beautiful patterns all around us whether it be graffiti on a wall or a sunset on the beach. I try to make sure that there is a CitySeat for everyone and that’s hard to put my personal preferences aside. I tend to take pictures everywhere I go of patterns I like on a floor or wallpaper or a picture that is inspiring, then I sit down with my mom who helps me a lot with the creative and our designer and we go from there. CitySeat is a fun, light company. We don’t take ourselves too seriously so if the patterns make people happy and gives them a little more confidence on their ride, we’ve done our job.
What advice would you give someone considering a similar path?
It’s very hard starting a business, but it’s really rewarding. I just recently went to a conference called Create + Cultivate and was talking to women who have been working on a product or a blog for years and years and we all had the same sentiment: it is hard to start a business. You don’t sleep a lot, it’s not as glamorous as it seems, but the first time I walked into SoulCycle and saw someone I did not know, a perfect stranger, spinning with a CitySeat made it all worth it and I continue to get that feeling every time we’re in the press or someone I know calls and says they saw someone using a CitySeat in Denver or San Francisco, it’s just as exciting every time.
CitySeat Covers
What makes your bike seat covers unique?
CitySeat is the only padded, patterned, foldable bike seat on the market right now. There is no one doing what we do as well as we do it. Our seat is made in America and is really amazing quality with fabric from Milan. The waterproofing helps when you’re outside and the seat is wet, and the patterns make it fun. You can wash the seat and reuse it, and it doesn’t hurt that it folds up quite small to throw in your gym bag.

How would you describe your personal style?
I think my style is feminine with a bohemian touch. I really appreciate fashion and dress based on my mood for the most part. One day you could find me in a flowing long boho dress and the next in a t-shirt and jeans.

What’s next for your company?
CitySeat is expanding into more stores in the fall. Currently we are in some local shops and Shoe Inn which has 8 stores in New York and New Jersey. We also are going to be doing some collaborations with some cool brands we love, and Tuesday August 25th we are doing a charity ride with SoulCycle and Project ALS in Bridge Hampton, NY to raise awareness and funds for ALS research.

Thank you Chelsea for giving me a glimpse into your world!

All photos courtesy of CitySeat.

Cute Ways to Wear Overalls

The 90s came back in a big way bringing trends like crop tops, overalls, oversized sweaters and neon colors to the runways and fashionistas everywhere. The breakout star of that bunch is definitely overalls. Everywhere you look this summer stylish ladies were wearing overalls. They have been spotted on models like Alexa Chung and style blogger The Man Repeller. If you want to try this trend out wear your overalls with a blouse, crop top or stripe shirt. Avoid wearing a wifebeater or flannel unless you want to look like a farmer.

Polished and Effortless
Photo: Atlantic-Pacific 

If you want to look chic and put together wear slightly baggy overalls with a white silk blouse, a red scarf and brown suede ankle booties. Style your hair in a polished top bun and wear minimal makeup with red lips.

Grunge 90s Look
Photo: Fashionvibe

Wear beat-up long overalls with a striped crop top and birkenstocks. Birks are dorky sandals, but they make your look strangely cool. Complete your look with a messy and chic model off-duty hairstyle.

Boho Chic
Photo: Sincerely Jules

This look is perfect if you’re going to a festival like Coachella. You can wear short overalls, a modern tie-dye shirt and flat sandals. Accessorize your look with beaded bangles, a crossbody bag and flower crown.

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